Strive to live the life of Christ enabled by the Holy Spirit

Christ Church

Christ Church was established in 1884. The land in the area where the church was built appears to have been originally owned by O. Furner, as he once owned all the land in this area. Land for the church was purchased for 100 pounds. Christ Church was designed and built by the Reverend Canon Soares, the first Rector (1877-1897) at a cost of 746 pounds. The chancel and sanctuary were added in 1912. The church hall was built during 1964-1965. In 1978 the church was extended, with the original chancel and sanctuary being demolished to make way for these extensions.

Christ Church is modest yet beautiful in it’s simplicity. Immediately behind the Communion table is a stained glassed tripartite window designed by local artist and regular church member, Kathy Cole. It colourfully depicts the risen figure of Christ the King with followers worshipping at his feet.


The first rectory was built around 1884 in Gilmore St but was sold in favour of a closer rectory, and so a house on the corner of Verner and Coromandel Sts was purchased in 1927.

The present rectory, next to the church, was purchased in 1957 from the Harris family. This home, “Cherry Hinton”, was probably built early in the 20th century. The story of its design goes back to a young army officer who was engaged to a young English lady, apparently of high social standing; before her father would consent to the marriage he wanted his daughter to go to a home as good as she was leaving. Evidently the young man did just that and “Cherry Hinton” was built exactly as the “Cherry Hinton” in England that she left.


1877-1897  Rev’d Canon Alberto Diaz Soare, Rector
1897-1923   Attached to the Cathedral of St Saviour’s
1923-1927  Rev’d William Parkes, Priest-in-charge
1927-1928  Rev’d J.D. Nicholson, Locum tenens
1928-1929  Rev’d N.J.V. Tivey, Priest-in-charge
1929-1930  Rev’d P.W. Bramble, Curate-in-charge
1930-1935  Rev’d H.F. Hawkins, Priest-in-charge
1935-1939  Ven. Joseph Pyke, Archdeacon
1939-1949  Attached to the Cathedral of St Saviour’s under the care of successive assistant priests:
Rev’ds David Garnsey, Harold Palmer, Harry Reynolds, Neil Edwards and Fred Dau.
1949-1957  Rev’d Charles Nagle, Rector
1957-1961  Rev’d Gordon Armstrong, Rector
1961-1964  Rev’d Leonard Brassington, Rector
1964-1970  Rev’d Dudley Ross, Rector
1970-1981  Rev’d Walter Hancock, Rector
1981-1990  Rev’d Milos Ledl, Rector
1990-1994  Rev’d Robert Lamerton, Rector
1995-2000  Rev’d Kevin Stone, Rector
2000-2010  Rev’d Robert Lindbeck, Rector
2010-2015   Rev’d Vanessa Bennett, Rector
2015-            Bishop Stuart Robinson