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Pastoral Letter 

from Bishop Stuart Robinson – to the Parish of Christ Church West Goulburn.

December 1st 2017

Beloved Christ Church Congregations,
Warmest greetings in Christ,
I am writing to tell you that I have just advised my Diocesan Bishop-in-Council (following a statutory notice to the Primate, Dr Freier and the Metropolitan, Dr Davies) that I will be completing my term as the tenth bishop of Canberra and Goulburn in the tenth year of my Consecration, Easter Saturday, 2018. Jane and I have come to this decision in the light of growing immediate and wider family responsibilities and with a strong sense that we’ve done that which the Lord has required of us.
This means that Jane and I will also step down from the leadership of the Parish of West Goulburn in the New Year. That said, as per a ‘West’ Parish Council resolution from last week, the ‘episcopal oversight’ arrangement will run its course into 2019 and I’ll advise you of my appointee presently.
You will be pleased to know that as a parish, we will continue to be blessed through our gifted and godly lay leaders and we remain remarkably well served by our clerical team – the Reverend Graeme Dunn, the Reverend Harley Lockley, Canon Peter Bertram, Canon Gill Varcoe and  Archdeacon Caroline Campbell. Further, Mrs Deb Walsh will continue her exemplary work as Parish Administrator and the Reverend Alison Champness will re-focus on families ministries – in particular Little Sheep Playgroup and RE in schools. Alison’s ministry is endorsed and supplemented by BCA. In addition, ‘West’ will continue in partnership and in sharing ministry resources with the ‘F5’ congregation(s) led by the Reverends Robyn and Paul Baxter.
Jane and I have very much appreciated our ministry and fellowship with you. Friendships have been made and we trust, in God’s goodness, Kingdom advances have been made too.
The above is ‘headlines’ only and I’ll send further details presently.
Much love in Jesus,